Tourist Attractions In Honolulu Hawaii : Detailed Information and Review

Tourist Attractions In Honolulu Hawaii : Detailed Information and Review


Discover the history of Hawaii

Between royalty, plantations, Pearl Harbor attack and annexation by the United States, Hawaii has experienced milestones that have shaped its history. Discovered by Captain Cook in 1778, the islands of Hawaii today shelter a population with multicultural origins, marker of its colonial past. Enjoy the history of the archipelago through the many heritage sites in Hawaii just waiting to share their stories.

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It is estimated between 300 and 500 AD the arrival of the first Polynesian occupants. They arrived from the Marquesas Islands and landed on Big Island, the island of Hawaii. On board their canoes and with only the sun and the stars to guide them, the Polynesians were unparalleled navigators. Their conquest of the Pacific is defined by the Polynesian Triangle, with the end New Zealand, Easter Island and Hawaii. They brought a social hierarchy and religious beliefs. Hawaiian culture flourished over the next centuries, giving birth to the art of hula and surfing. However, land-sharing conflicts between different leaders were commonplace.


It was in 1778 that Captain James Cook accidentally reached the Hawaiian archipelago. He landed at Waimea Bay on Kauai Island to haggle with the people for food. Cook was killed a year later in Kealakekua Bay on Big Island. The discovery of Captain Cook opened the doors to many other expeditions. In 1820, the first Protestant missionaries arrived on Oahu. Honolulu was transformed into a real port for merchant ships and whalers. The archipelago became the capital of whales in the Pacific.

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The great king Kamehameha was the most powerful monarch of Hawaii. Born in 1758 and raised on Big Island, Kamehameha I came to power with the great idea of ​​bringing together the islands of the archipelago. From 1790, the king and his warriors began to conquer Maui, Lanai, Molokai and Oahu and later Kauai. It was in 1810 that he managed to unify the entire archipelago. Determined and charismatic, this king marked Hawaiian history by sharing his culture with that of the settlers without losing his traditional values. A bronze statue with its likeness is located in the historic center of Honolulu. Every year, during Kamehameha Day, the statue is decorated with Lei by Hawaiians who pay homage to the king.

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