Molokai Vacation With 3D Tour: Detailed Information

Molokai Vacation With 3D Tour: Detailed Information

Hawaii vacation offers unique entertainment for its visitors. It appeals to everyone with food, drinks, beaches, entertainment spots and tourist attractions. There are so many places to visit that you won’t have time to visit every place. Here are the most remarkable places of Molokai:

Halawa Valley

Halawa Valley, which can be visited in a guided way, is the center of attention with its excellent view. Move forward to see the cultural sites and ancient rocks. Have fun by swimming in Mooula Waterfall to relax. Have lunch while enjoying the view. The Valley is 1.5 hours from the Airport.



If you want to enter a world full of coconuts, visit Post-A-Nut. Here, coconuts are posted like a work of art. You can make it a permanent memory for your visit to Hawaii. As you look at these coconuts, you will remember Hawaii. An amazing experience!

Paphaku Beach Park

Featuring soft sand that stretches for three miles, Papohaku Beach Park offers a peaceful trip. It is a great beach for those who are not bored of swimming in Hawaii. Or you can take a peaceful walk on the sands. You can use many options such as indoor and outdoor showers, camping areas, toilets. Do not forget to pay attention to the safety warnings on the beach.

Molokai Vacation Properties For Travelers

Kalaupapa Overlook

Those who want to get lost in the unique landscapes can visit the Kalaupapa Overlook. You can watch the Molokai view at the edge of the 1600 ft high cliff. If you want to take pictures, you should make your preparation from morning till noon.

Kamakou Preserve


Kamakou Preserve, a natural treasure, offers the most beautiful shade of green. You can study biological life in high mountains with plants, birds, insects and trees. This area where you can walk along a narrow board is known for its relaxing view. It is recommended that you wear long pants and strong shoes when visiting. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

Molokai Vacation Packages

Murphy’s Beach

For a narrow sandy but abundant beach, definitely visit Murphy’s Beach. It is easy to swim because it is not very deep. If you don’t want to swim, you can walk or sunbathe. Watch out for corals. Be careful though, as it is not life saving. A cute and private beach!

Kumu Farms

For a picnic in a natural area, Kumu Farms is for you. You can prepare your fruits and vegetables by choosing yourself. You can feel natural with organic and fresh products. Fresh air and scenery will be very good for you. It is also close to the airport. Be sure to see the papaya trees.

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