30 Maui Vacation Spots: Briefly Information and Review

30 Maui Vacation Spots: Briefly Information and Review

Famous for its world-famous beaches and tourist attractions, which is the island of Maui, offers its visitors many options. To plan a good trip, it is necessary to know Maui holiday destinations. You can prepare your travel list with parks, tropical valleys, observation points, beaches. Here are some great places for Maui vacation.

Maui Beaches

  1. Kaanapali Beach: Located 50 minutes from Kahului airport and the beach is an ideal place for swimming. Clear water and white sand are quite remarkable. There are hotel and parking options.
  2. Makena Beach: One of the best beaches for fishing, snorkeling. It is separated by two beaches called Little Beach and Big Beach. It is minutes from Wailea and Kihei.
  3. Wailea Beach: Known for its whale landscape in the winter months, this beach fascinates visitors with its wide beach. The rocky ledges are ideal for snorkeling. There is a free bathroom, shower and parking.
  4. Napili Beach: This beach, which is a family place, is a cheaper and middle class place. Parking can be difficult to find. It is close to social facilities. You can swim with tropical fish.
  5. Kapalua Beach: Sunset view, great for scuba diving and snorkeling. There are hotels to stay at. There is no bodyguard. Because there are coral reefs, you should pay attention to rocks.
  6. Ho’okipa Beach Park: Windsurfing paradise. World famous competitions are held here. If you don’t have the ability to surf, enjoy the view by watching the surfers. Maybe you can see a few turtles. Beach is located in Paia.
  7. Sugar Beach: An ideal place for walking and running. It is famous for kite surfing, windsurfing and canoeing. During the winter months, whales can be seen. The beach is located in Kihei.
  8. Keawakapu Beach: The beach in South Kihei is a nice place for sunbathing, snorkeling, and swimming. It is developed in terms of hotels and restaurants. You can also find various beach equipment.
  9. Ulua Beach: Located between two rocks, the beach offers the opportunity to swim with colorful fish. Scuba diving lessons are given here. The sea is calmer in the morning because it is windy at times.

Maui Marketplace

  1. Maui Swap Meet: In this place, which attracts the attention of visitors with more than 200 stalls, many tourist goods are sold. You can buy Hawaiian drinks, coconut water, artwork and souvenirs. It is a place visited by everyone since 1981. The market is located in Kahului.
  2. Farmer’s Market: You can visit here for cheap, fresh and natural products. Maybe you can taste the products collected a few hours ago. The flavors of Hawaii are waiting for you.
  3. 4th. Friday: This place in Kihei is held every fourth Friday of the month. Live music meets artistic activities, shopping areas and local delicacies. It’s fun for everyone!
  4. Gift and Craft Fair: A great market place for those who are interested in gifts and special items. The market includes food, beverage, art, ceramics, jewelry and Hawaiian items. Shopping is available for every budget.
  5. Finest Craft Fair Lahaina: You can review the best handicraft products of Maui Island here. It is also a better organized place than other fairs. People from all over the world and all ages visit.

Maui Malls


  1. The Shops at Waiela: It hosts more than 70 different stores of the island of Maui. It attracts attention with its restaurants, boutiques and entertainment venues. There is everything necessary for a beach dive.
  2. Whalers Village: The shopping center in Lahaina offers differences such as stroller rental, parking, delicious food and local gifts. It is very easy to spend a pleasant time with free activities.
  3. The Wharf Cinema Center: You can experience many activities such as a movie theater, various shops, food service, fun shopping, and internet. This place has its own style!

Maui Outdoor Activities



  1. Redline Rafting Co: It is the stopping point of those who want to get to know Hawaii’s culture, nature and entertainment closely. You can find the best place to dive with snorkel. A fun underwater adventure with your loved ones.
  2. Maui Surfer Girls: It is the best place for young women to learn surfing. Education is provided to families, newlyweds, women and men. You can also join camps.
  3. Maui Plane Rides: You can take part in blue tours to watch Hawaii from above. You can take a 2-hour trip with experienced pilots. You can join this experience with a private and cute plane.
  4. Scuba Diving: You can visit here to learn scuba diving in Lahaina. You can learn and have fun with experienced divers. It is indispensable for a pleasant time.
  5. Maui Kapalua Zipline: Watching the Maui landscape from above and going through the lush trees will enliven your Hawaii vacation.
  6. Hawaiian Paddle Sports: In this place in Kihei, you can take part in whale watching, canoe trip, diving and skiing tours with turtles. You can enjoy the fun with private tours and lessons.

Maui Tourist Attractions

  1. Old Lahaina Courthouse: Opened in 1860, this place was used as a government office and customs center. In some periods, it became the center of whaling. There is a visitor center on the first floor and a heritage museum on the second floor.
  2. Wo Hing Temple Museum: The building in Lahaina was built in 1912. On the first floor of the two-storey building, there are Chinese artifacts and a souvenir museum. There are altars on the second floor. You can visit for a cultural holiday in maui.
  3. Kahanu Garden: It is a botanical garden located on the Hana highway. There are traditional plants added by the public. You can also see the growth of tropical fruits. It has a natural view.
  4. Maui Tropical Plantation: You can take a closer look at Hawaii’s tropical plants and fruits in Wailiku. With a 40-minute tour, you can smell the flowers, taste the fruits and get various information. It is a very colorful place for Maui vacation.
  5. Surfing Goat Dairy: You can examine their care by taking a goat tour and learn how to make cheese. You can also discover a special area created for them. Also, little goats are pretty cute.
  6. Twin Falls: You can take a peaceful trip with waterfalls and pools. You can stroll through this natural park on the Hana road and swim in the pools. It is a park worth visiting among beautiful plants. Don’t forget to take a photo!
  7. Punakea Palms Coconut Farm: If you are wondering how a coconut field works, you should definitely visit it. You can also taste fresh coconuts. It is a very authentic garden. Indispensable for a delicious maui holiday.
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