Honolulu Hawaii Population : Detailed Review and Information

Honolulu Hawaii Population : Detailed Review and Information


Not very touristy and authentically Hawaiian: here is Molokai! This long island was once the territory of kahuna (priests) who practiced human sacrifices. More recently, the sleeping island was occupied by ranches and pineapple plantations. Tourism has become an economic necessity, but it is extremely discreet. Here, no shops or nightclubs, but large spaces, where mountains meet the ocean.


With a single volcano, Lanai Island has white sand beaches and pine-covered peaks. The island was once the largest pineapple plantation in the world; Lanai City was built in 1924 by the Hawaiian Pineapple Company. When this market collapsed in the 1990s, Lanai turned to high-end tourism. Most of the island was purchased in 2012 by billionaire Larry Ellison, who promised to make Lanai a model of sustainable development and renewable energy.

Honolulu Hawaii Population : Tips and Tricks for Tourists

The craziest stairs in the world

Unusual or famous, these stairs of the extreme allow easy access (or not) to sites that would otherwise require a long detour. Discover these steps conceived as architectural challenges or simply … works of art. A subjective choice, as there are astonishing on the planet.

The Stairs of Haiku or Paradise (Hawaii)

3 922. This is the exact number of steps of this senseless staircase that leads to the top of a mountain on the island of Oahu. The equipment dates from the 1940s. It was built to join radio installations on the ridge. This winding path, banned from the public for 30 years because too dangerous, is composed of metal steps that offer a grandiose panorama on the island.

Honolulu Hawaii Population Information for Holiday


Aloha and welcome to Hawaii

To prepare your trip to Hawaii, we have composed this little travel guide that contains the elements that we think are important. Find all the practical information about Hawaii’s seasons, climate and weather. But also, simply, how to get to Hawaii and get around inland, learn more about currency, cuisine, local culture, and events not to be missed. Finally, find out if a trip to Hawaii is made for you, according to your desires, and those of your fellow travelers.

Your flight for Hawaii

Book your plane ticket to Honolulu or Maui

Are you looking for a flight to Hawaii? You can land on one of the international airports from the United States, Canada, Korea or Japan, or reach Hawaii via Australia, New Zealand or even Fiji. You can combine your arrival and departure flights, via different airports: which of these exotic names will you choose: Honolulu, Kona, Hilo, Kahului, Lihu’e, Hoolehua?

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