Honolulu Hawaii Hotels Discounted : Detailed Review and Information


Honolulu Hawaii Hotels Discounted : Detailed Review and Information

Immersed in a subtropical climate, the Hawaiian archipelago enjoys exceptional conditions throughout the year. Its calendar distinguishes two seasons: summer (May to October), very sunny and slightly humid, and winter, with skies a bit more charged from November to January. The occasional rains do not affect the pleasure of idleness, nor hiking on volcanoes. Summer temperatures, cooled by the trade winds, rise to 31 ° C (minimum 23 ° C), winter mercury growing to 27 ° C (minimum 19 ° C). The waves rise from December to March, a time for whale watching and surfing (for the gifted!).

Honolulu Hawaii Hotels Discounted : Tips and Tricks

Days 1 to 3

Bewitched by the Aloha Spirit and the flower necklaces, your senses awaken in Honolulu, the capital of the archipelago. Here, nature and hospitality reign supreme, to accompany you throughout the journey. A symbol of this city, intoxicated with tropical scents, Waikiki Beach is the go-to place for surfers, who come from all over the world to tease the wave. Watching them will already give you a “good lesson” unless you prefer a coach to work on the basics!

Well, let’s go back to history in Pearl Harbor, where the USS Missouri wets, who had the hard battles to survive the Japanese army. Hikers can hop on the Diamond Head Crater, a panorama of Oahu Island. The east and west coasts of the island also have many interests, not to mention the surf spots to the north. An authentic Buddhist temple sits east of Kaneohe, an area full of pineapple plantations, geysers and jungle hiking trails.

Honolulu Hawaii Hotels Discounted : Info for Travelers

Travel from one extreme to the other, from glaciers and Alaska forests to volcanoes and tropical jungle of the Hawaiian archipelago.

Separated from the Mainland, so far and yet so close, the lands of Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands each share the taste of a disproportionate nature, whispering the promise of authentic horizons and preserved in the ears of the adventurer. A journey like a marriage of hot and cold, fire and ice, angry lands and the Pacific Ocean … taking advantage of the elements to satiate the fantasies of the ends of the world. Of all the states of America, “The Land of the Midnight Sun” argues from the highest peak, sentinel of his Kingdom of fjords, mirror lakes and dense forests. From tundra to magma dens, from Anchorage to Kailua-Kona, the dolphin dance follows the reign of the brown bear.

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