Hawaiian Vacation Package : Detailed Review and Information

Hawaiian Vacation Package : Detailed Review and Information

A few hours in Waikiki Beach, and you’ll soon have surf syndrome. This mythical sport no longer has its legends, born with a board under the arm. We do not promise to become the new Duke Kahanamoku, but a small class will be enough to style Brice de Nice at the post. On the hike, head to the summit of Diamond Head Crater, a small crater sleeping at the edge of the Pacific, with breathtaking views of the city and the ocean rolls. A shave ice to reward you … it’s a lesser effort!

Hawaiian Vacation Package : Tips for Tourists

Travel for geology enthusiasts, from Yellowstone geysers to volcanoes in the Hawaiian archipelago.
Geysers, fumaroles, bubbling pools, deep forests … Yellowstone sets the scene for this ardent combination, at the heart of some of the most impressive volcanic sites on the planet. Here more than elsewhere, the earth breathes, exhales, throbs underfoot, in crash and color to melt the hearts of adventurers in search of explosive memories. Among friends, family, amateurs and specialists contemplate the beauties of Hawaii, this artifice of the American continent on the borders of the Pacific. In the Polynesian kingdoms, air, fire, water and earth are one. Rooted in the ocean, the volcanoes merge with the lush decorations to warm their lunar complexion, kneaded for millennia by incandescent rivers.

Hawaiian Vacation Package : Recommendations for Travelers

In the north of the United States, the Yellowstone Volcanic Park is unveiled according to a specific calendar. For this trip in freewheels, the site is accessible from June to the end of September under particularly mild temperatures, around 23 ° C. Beyond this period, access is restricted. In the archipelago of Hawaii, during these four favorable months, you will walk valleys and volcanoes in temperatures around 30 ° C, much more frisking as you climb. To contemplate your island on the summits, polar and windbreaker are however necessary.

Discovery of four islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, an adventure between volcanoes, waterfalls, ocean and tropical forests.

As spectacular as it is isolated, the Hawaiian archipelago combines superlatives in the Pacific. Explosive everywhere, the wild and volcanic nature of the islands blossoms in a breathtaking scenery, on land and sea, in forests, rivers and craters. Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Big Island … four islands of dreams with singular expression, the list of the greatest terrestrial emotions. Between two surf sessions, this great Polynesian trip will take you closer to the elements, the glowing lava flows, geysers of sea defying the rock, sunsets and clouds of sparkling stars on the crests of the mountains. More than a trip, an enchantment of the senses, an authentic and spiritual adventure.

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