Hawaii Vacation Packages : Detailed Information and Review

Hawaii Vacation Packages : Detailed Information and Review

Hawaii bathes in a subtropical climate, which allows travelers to enjoy good swimming conditions throughout the year. From May to October, the summer season draws its share of surfers in the waves, under a generous sun. The winter season is a little wetter, and the month of November quite rainy. Temperatures remain relatively constant: 24-31 ° C in winter, 18-28 ° C in summer, moderated by the trade winds that blow from east to west. On the sidelines of the Hawaiian stopover, there is a little wool for parties in San Francisco (mists are not uncommon in Fog City), and a pareo from April to November in Los Angeles!

Hawaii Vacation Packages for Tourists

Discovery of four dream Hawaiian islands, tropical kingdoms, volcanoes, beaches and ancestral culture.

Polynesian imaginary realms, lost paradises of the Pacific … from the abysses to the prominent peaks of volcanoes, the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago concentrate a mosaic of breathtaking landscapes. Beliefs are here more ancestral than forests, fertile lands of rivers, giant hibiscus and cascades gushing like a ray of light. Without headlights or glitter, the white sand plunges into the ocean of a thousand shades, sculpted by the regular furrows of sea turtles and traditional dance steps. In Hawaii, life flows to the rhythm of nature and its whims in half-sleep … An enchantment of the senses, mountains and wonders.

Hawaii Vacation Packages for Travelers

The sun generously waters the Hawaiian archipelago throughout the year, marked by two seasons. The subtropical climate allows very pleasant temperatures during the summer season (around 30 ° C between May and October), completed by a month of September can be quite heavy, like the month of November. To leave at the beginning of the year will offer you optimal conditions, and a sunny cure to palliate the cold and the hexagonal greyness. If the rain comes to the nose during the winter, do not panic, the sun will come sweep it quickly.

Days 1 to 3

Honolulu sounds like a ukulele melody, a sweet and languorous soundtrack to accompany you to Ohau Island. Once you have reached your hotel in the capital, it’s up to you to compose your program between hikes, idleness, swimming and aperitifs, in a melted decor in palm trees and turquoise shores. Your rental car will let you go wherever you want, starting with Pearl Harbor, for a first dive in history. Crapahuter on the summit of the Diamond Head volcano will put the island at your feet, that you will move in transparency in the waters of Hanauma Bay.

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