Hawaii Honolulu Vacations: 30 Things to Do in Honolulu!

Hawaii Honolulu Vacations: 30 Things to Do in Honolulu!

Honolulu Vacations: Beaches

1. Hanauma Bay


Hanauma is one of the most popular tourist place located on the Island Oahu. The marine life of the bay is the main attraction for the tourism. And It is considered the best place to snorkel because of it’s rich marine life. It is situated on the southeastern side of Oahu island. The green hills of Koko Head can also be explored if you visit this island. The peaceful climate of the beat relaxes The mind and takes you to the another world.

2. Magic Island


Magic island is a small man made Peninsula located in Honolulu Hawaii. There is a Magic island beach which is the part of Ala Moana Beach Park. People prefer to swim at Ala Moana Beach rather than Magic Island BeachBeach as it has a rocky barrier. It also includes a park which is central of attraction for the visitors. People gather for picnics, frisbee, socializing occasionally Though it’s a small peninsula but worthy to enjoy walking on the beach and gathering for picnic.

3. Ala Moana Regional Park


Ala Moana Regional Park is located just near Waikiki Beach. It’s a free public park on the oahu island. The park is blessed with a beautiful beach. This is a famous open ocean swimming site in Hawaii. The greenery of the surroundings the banyans, long graases and palm trees will give you the glance of natural beauty of the park. And so the park is a good place to picnic. The park is also full of amenities and facilities like life guards, restrooms, tennis courts etc.

Honolulu Vacations: Outdoor Activities

4. Wet n Wild Hawaii


Wet n wild hawaii, located on the island Oahu is voted as the best family attraction in the Honolulu magazine and included in tho top 10 most visited family attraction. You would love to visit with your whole family to see the Hawaiian Water Park with 25 rides and attractions included with 2 pools, 10 adventurous water slides and 3 children’s areas is the only water park located in Hawaii State. Big kahuna, cutter’s island, water world, volcano express and Da FlowRider are very famous.

5. Kakaʻako Waterfront Park


This park also knows as the picnic park. There are many of attractions in this park. You can have a great picnic here and use the free car parks. You will also see water fountains in this region. Amazin grassy regions and spectacular nature awaits you in this place. Many of tourist come here for the great view and nature mix. Perfect for family visits. Definitely one of the most beautiful points of the region.

6. China Walls


The great wall of China is an ancient wall, the longest wall in the world. You can explore the beautiful sceneries from the platue. It is one of the greatest wonders of the world listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. The great wall of China is 5-8 meters long. It was considered as an integrated military defensive system. It is also included in the 7 wonders of the world. So must not let it go to visit this great wall of China.

7. Blue Note Hawaii



Blue Note Hawaii is located inside the Waikiki Beach resort on the Oahu island. It’s a world class jazz club. It has leaders in jazz and musicians of other genres including rock, pop, comedy and top local island artists available in it for the entertainment. It is also available on rent for the private evens bookings. The site has a dinning facility in it. The site also has a contemporary gift shop. Along with the musical entertainment you can also enjoy the beach site. It’s an awesome place to visit as you can enjoy musical entertainment along with the Waikiki Beach.

8. T Galleria By DFS, Hawaii


T Galleria By DFS, HHawaii is a shopping market place located in the heart of Waikiki, Honolulu. It is the only Duty-free store in Hawaii. One can have a luxurious and seamless shopping experience. Beauty, fashion all the accessories, jewelry etc all the luxurious categories are available with the most exclusive brands over the all three floors on the center. American household names like Ralph Lauren, Coach, Marc Jacobs etc available on the ground floor. Shopping lovers should definitely visit here to grap the opportunity to buy exclusively branded products.

9. Children’s Discovery Center


Children’s Discovery Center is perfect trip for the children for fun learning by exploring and experiencing. It is a world class interactive children’s museum. It is a message for everyone to discover, explore, learn and share. The central idea of focusing on learning about the world all the senses is an awesome step to learn creativity with understanding. It is the best place for your children as an educational trip. They can learn enjoying the trip with fun learning idea. Thechildren would love to visit again.

10. Waikiki Aquarium


The name itself will tell you what you are going to see there. Yes, it’s an aquarium which will give a glance of the marine life of Waikiki Beach. The Waikiki Aquarium is located on the beach Waikiki. The beach amazingly blessed as it is located near the Kapiolani Park. So you can enjoy all three at a time. New Hawaiian Green Sea turtle, Peppermint Angelfish etc are the main central of attraction for the tourism. Along with this you can also enjoy walking on the beach of Waikiki.

11. Honolulu Zoo


Deciding to visiting a zoo is something like touching the nature to forget all the problems. It amazing to see an approximately 900 different kinds of animals at the Honolulu Zoo. If you visit this zoo you can have a real experience seeing the variety of African animals along with komodo dragon, elephants etc. If you visit the zoo at their specified time you can see the feeding elephants, penguins, giant salamander, sloths, gees etc.The most amazing thing is to see attractive and beautiful birds in the zoo.

Honolulu Vacations: Gardens

12. Moanalau Gardens


When you see a big monkeypod tree in this garden. This tree is known as Hitachi tree. Hitachi is the most important and famous subject of the garden. This is mainly the attraction of the tourism here. This garden is very famous for this monkeypod tree. Ever year millions of tourists come this place to see these beauties. When you come to Honolulu you should never forget the visit here. Of course taking some photos will be valuable for your Honolulu vacation memories.

13. Foster Botanical Garden


Foster Botanical Garden is a tropical garden amazingly located in the heart of metropolitan Honolulu. More than 10,000 species of rare tropical plants from all over the world are here to explore. Foster Botanic Garden is a serene oasis has many kinds of plants in it. The garden had rare trees along with the plants that are used for medicine are kept here. The garden is full of natural vegetation. it can be an educational trip for the children with fun.

14. Lyon Arboretum


Lyon Arboretum located at the northern end of Manoa Valley on the Oahu island. Explore visiting the place with its immense diversity and the natural vegetation. It functions as a preservation site, a research faculty simultaneously. The hikers and visitors are encouraged to explore the diversity of the spot as it is best for both. It’s an active research facility and academic resource are the main visitors attraction. There are more than 5000 tropical plants species in it. All over it is an education, hiking and tourism site to explore.

Honolulu Vacations: Natural Wonders

15. Moanalua Valley Trail Start


Moanalua Valley Trail Start is the only legal trail to the top of Haiku Stairs. The trait is also known as the Stairway to Heaven. Through out the trait you can explore the beautiful sceneries. So if you are a nature lover make sure you visit this trait. Going through a rainforest reaching to the top of Haiku Stairs you will have an amazing experience. This is one of the best hikes on the island Oahu. The valley has a rich natural vegetation.

16. Lulumahu Falls


Lulumahu Falls is a water fall hike. It is a heavily trafficked loop trail located near Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. It is one of Oahu’s most popular unsanctioned hiking trails. If you are a hiker then you should definitely not miss this opportunity to visit Lulumahu falls. It is an adventurous hiking going through the mud, trees, passing through the stream are amazingly experienced by the visitors. There is a small pond. It’s a fun hike to explore the stunning waterfall.

17. Mānoa Falls Trail


A waterfall full of beautiful nature in it. Mānoa Falls Trail is a hiking spot located on the Oahu island, Honolulu. I would love to see a thin trail through dense bamboo jungle reaching at the towering waterfall. How does it feel? This is beautiful! It’s a popular spot for hikers and tourists as iis used for hiking, walking and nature tour all together. Gorgeous scenery, views of the jungle and waterfall are the main central of attraction for tourism. The views of Mānoa Valley will make you feel as if you are in completely different world.

18. Nuuanu Pali Lookout


The Pali Lookout is a historic and significant site of the Battle of Nuuanu, where in 1795 King Kamehameha I won. You can have a gorgeous views of Oahu’s Ko’olau Mountain Range from here. And because if these beautiful sceneries it is considered the best photographic spot. There is a beach located in the town of Kailua so you can also have a peaceful walk on the beach. If you want to do vacation to this area, you should get ready for many of excited experience!

Honolulu Vacations: Art & Culture

19. Izumo Taishakyo Mission of Hawaii


One of the few active Shinto shrines in the located in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii, the United States. It has a temple in it. Visitors are asked to cleanse themselves by washing their hands before they entre. Many of tourists come to this place every year for this activity. It is hard to tell it but when you go there you will take a short lesson to complete this magical rituel. You should be patient. You will feel different after you complete the duty! The building was opened to service in 1907.

20. Duke Paoa Kahanamoku Statue


Duke Paoa Kahanamoku Statue Is an iconic Waikiki statue of the father of the surfing located on the Kuhio Beach in Waikiki. It is one of the most photographed spots. Duke’s bronze statue welcomes you with open arms. Duke and his companions were known as the “Beach Boys of Waikiki”. Along with this historical statue of Duke Paoa Kahanamoku you can also enjoy the peaceful environment wanking of the beach of Kuhio beach and Waikiki beach. Tourists enjoy thoroughly shooting the photos and walking around the beach.

Honolulu Vacations: Museums and Historical Places

21. Hawaii State Art Museum


This museum is located at the most important point of Honolulu. There are 3 galleries in the museum. You will see the whole Hawaii culture and its atmosphere here. The exhibitions here bear the traces of various cultural influences and include the works of Hawaiian artists. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged for entry. This museum will provide you with a great opportunity to discover ancient times.

22. Aliʻiolani Hale


It is one of the building that attracts many of tourists every year. There is a great building that awaits you. This building was turned into Hawaii State Court. Once upon a time it was the home of great kings…If you are planning to visit a historical place then this will be the perfect place to explore. There are many of interesting point in this region. Before you start a good Honolulu vacation, you should read the features of Ali’iolani Hale building and its past. Interesting! Although the building was built primarily as a palace, it was later used as a government building. The building was started to be built in 1872.

23. Kawaiiaha’o Church


Kawaiiaha’o Church Is the christian church built on the island Oahu located in the downtown Honolulu near Iolani Palace. The sounds of the bells from the tower clock can be heard clearly up to the streets. Inside the church there are many portraits of the royal family hung on the walls of the second floor. The Iolani Palace, the King Kamehameha I Statue, the Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives and the State Capitol are also located nearby that you can visit.

24. Pearl Harbor National Memorial


Pearl Harbor National Memorial situated at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickman on Oahu Island in Hawaii. It was constructed in the memories of the lives lost during the attack of World War II. It has 9 historic sites that represent various aspects of war… It re-connects us with the history and remember the lost and that way it touches the heart of everyone. There are many other parks near that you can also visit like Honouliuli National Monument, Kalaupapa National Historical Park and Haleakala National Park.

25.Aloha Tower


Aloha Tower Is a lighthouse situated in the state of Hawaii in the United States. It’s a port for a shopping and dining marketplace. It’s an iconic symbol of Hawaii is the largest building on the island for decades with its largest clock in the United States. Now it is completely transformed into Aloha Tower Marketplace. So the visitors enjoy their shopping here. It is an unforgettable place when you come here. Taking a couple valuable photos will be logical of course!

26. Honolulu Museum of Art


Honolulu Museum of Art Is the largest fine arts museum in Hawaii located near the downtown Honolulu. The gallery incudes the best collections of Asian art in the world. It also full of Western collection, European and Polynesian art. You can also visit the Doris and Duke Theatre to watch a movie if you are fond of cinema. Shangri La is also included in this museum. It gives a glance of Islamic treasures, Iranian tilework, Indian jewelry etc.. It is a museum of Islamic art and culture.

27. National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific


National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Is located in Honolulu just north of the Honolulu Museum of Art. The punchbowl is the place to remember the sacrifice people who served the United States. It is also known as Hill of sacrifice. It’s a peaceful scenery looking at the green grass contrast with the white granite and stone worked cemeteries. There is no charge to visit Punchbowl. You will have such an amazing experience visiting National Memorial Cemeteries. Your visit can be the tribute for the martyred people.

28. Iolani Palace


Iolani palace is a royal palace in downtown Honolulu on the Island of Oahu. It’s a historical place and considered as a sacred palace. This is the one the most popular tourist place in Hawaii. The first and the second floors are opened for the visitors to explore the palace thoroughly. You can feel the royal vibes seeing the rooms. The King’s and Queen’s suites are on second floor. This makes it a historical place. The rooms of the palace are beautiful and decorated with portraits.

Honolulu Vacations: Volcanoes

29. Koko Head


Koko Head is full of beautiful nature. It’s the headland located on the Oahu island in Hawaii. There are many beautiful places that you would love to visit. Koko Crater is one of those places. Hanauma Bay, you can also visit Lānaʻi Lookout at a time that had a scenic views. Hālona Blowhole is a rocky shore famous fir it’s immense beauty. Every year millions of turists visit this point for the unique view. You will definitely love it! Do not forget to take photo!

30. Diamond Head Crater


Diamond Head Crater is the perfect choice to enjoy your Honolulu vacation. It’s the most popular tourist hike on the island of Oahu. The beautiful scenery of Waikiki beach and the other natural scenery can be seen from the summit of the Diamond Head. The beautiful views of the beach from the Diamond Head Lighthouse will steal your heart immensely. The hikers will have the best experience to visit this place as the it is considered the best place fir hiking. The floor is secured with the safety railing for the tourists to avoid any kind injuries. You will enjoy the quality time seeing the beautiful views of the Diamond Head Lighthouse.


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