Great Hawaii Vacations : Detailed Review

Great Hawaii Vacations : Detailed Review

Big Island, the largest island of the archipelago, lets spring all its youth. Its two volcanoes among the most active in the world like to show the spectacle of a planet full of life, between glowing magma flows, smoking craters, tunnels and lava lakes..

Kauai, Molokai and Lanai are perhaps the wildest and most authentic inhabited islands. They stay away from crowds for a warm welcome, closer to the tradition of aloha.

Great Hawaii Vacations for Tourists

What to do in Hawaii

The most isolated archipelago in the world, Hawaii has grown apart from the world. Unique, its Polynesian culture, as well as its fauna and flora, mostly endemic, are promises of unforgettable experiences.

Taste the pleasures of the ocean

Kailua Beach in Oahu, Hapuna Beach on Big Island, Papohaku Beach in Molokai … the reputation of Hawaii’s beaches is second to none. All promise relaxation and swimming but also snorkeling, bodyboarding, kitesurfing … Paddle, kayaking or catamaran sailing will allow you to discover the beautiful coast of Na Pali. Finally, like any self-respecting Hawaiian, try surfing, an essential part of the local culture.

Learn about Polynesian culture

“The best of myself, the best of my message, are a true reflection of Hawaiian traditions. So said US President Barack Obama. The Polynesian culture, arrived with the first inhabitants come from the Marquise Islands and the Society, impregnate as much the people as the landscapes. Doing the shaka, understanding the spirit of aloha or reading the history of Hawaii in the movements of the hula or sacred sites called Kapus are all ways to meet the Hawaiians.

Great Hawaii Vacations for Cheap

Discover lost worlds

Spielberg was not mistaken, who chose Kauai to house his Jurassic Park. The archipelago includes some of the most incredible landscapes on our planet. From the Waimea canyon to Kauai, discover on foot, on one of the trails plunging to the bottom of the canyon or on the occasion of an unforgettable helicopter flight. Do not miss the lunar landscapes of Haleakala Volcano, southeast of Maui or the volcanoes of the well-known Volcanoes National Park on Big Island. An incredible network of hiking trails meanders through lava flows and tunnels, fumaroles and wild beaches.

Observe unique species

90% of the island’s species are endemic. Amateur or non-amateur botanists will welcome you in front of the red flowers of the ohia lehua tree, the silver sword and a wide range of tropical flowers: bougainvillea, orchids, birds of paradise, anthuriums, frangipani … For wildlife, give yourself a snorkeling session in Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Park on Big Island to observe the silent ballet of manta rays or dolphin jokes. Kauai and Maui are on their side a privileged place of observation for the humpback whale, which crosses off from November to May.

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