Beaches In Honolulu Hawaii – Detailed Review for Tourists

Beaches In Honolulu Hawaii – Detailed Review for Tourists

Luau of Hawaii

Any stay in the Hawaiian Islands should include the discovery of the luau, a Hawaiian celebration featuring banquets, concerts and colorful cultural performances, celebrating Hawaii and, more broadly, Polynesia.

History of Luau

In ancestral Hawaii, the big feast organized to celebrate a special occasion was called ahaaina, aha meaning gathering and aina, meal. Meeting to celebrate major events was an important cultural tradition.

In addition, according to the belief, certain foods symbolized particular qualities and characteristics. At that time, women were not allowed to eat with men and some foods were forbidden to them.
King Kamehameha II opened a new era when he put an end to traditional practices in 1819. He organized a special ahaaina where women were invited to the men’s table, which marked a major turning point in social norms.

Beaches In Honolulu Hawaii Location for Holiday

Over time, the word luau was used more and more often for these special holidays. The term luau refers to the leaves of the taro, a dish that was often part of the many dishes served at the banquets of these festivals.

Popular Luau dishes

Poi: crushed taro root. Pastry destined to accompany all dishes.

Pork kalua: pork prepared in an imu or kiln buried and then grated.

Chicken Long Rice: A dish that resembles a chicken noodle soup, with Chinese vermicelli and ginger.

Laulau: meat wrapped in luau leaves (taro) then steamed. This dish is traditionally prepared in a buried oven called imu.

Salmon lomilomi: accompaniment made of salmon, tomatoes, onion and crushed ice.

Haupia: flan with coconut.

Poke: literally, this term means “cut into pieces”. This dish is usually made from raw fish served with a variety of condiments such as soy sauce, green onions, kukui nut (bancoulier) or limu (seaweed). But there are other variants without fish.

The luau tradition continues. Friends and family gather at a luau to celebrate a special occasion, such as graduation, a wedding or, most often, a birthday. These holidays are private, but vacationers have the opportunity to participate in different luau across the state to discover this tradition.

Discover the hula: Other opportunities to discover the hula will be tell you now. The Prince Lot Hula Festival in July and the Kauai Mokihana Festival in September. Finally, Molokai, who is particularly proud of its hula-related traditions, celebrates this artistic form each year in May, during the Molokai Ka Hula Piko Festival. If you want to enjoy this summer, do not miss this.

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