All Inclusive Vacation Packages Hawaii For Tourists: Review

All Inclusive Vacation Packages Hawaii For Tourists: Review

Before the arrival of the Western missionaries, the hula was dancing as part of formal ceremonies and parties to strengthen the social bond. The hula songs and songs contained the history and culture of Hawaii. Many believe that the hula was born on the island of Molokai, but other legends have their origins on the island of Kauai. For many years after the arrival of the missionaries, the hula and the Hawaiian language and music were repressed. The hula, in particular, has even become illegal. It was only in the sacrament of King David Kalakaua in 1874 that Hawaiian cultural traditions were reinstated. The hula shows flourished and in the early 1900s, the hula had evolved with the times.

Today, this unique, highly cultural art form has become a symbol of Hawaiian culture around the world, a symbol that you will discover during your stay in Hawaii.

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The art of hula

The hula kahiko corresponds to the traditional or ancestral form of the hula, with gestures, songs and choreographies inspired by the ancient hula. He is still dancing today. This unique style of hula is accompanied by songs and percussion instruments such as pahu or ipu. The hula kahiko, which requires a lot of practice and involvement, is considered a dance to establish a spiritual connection with the ancestral history of Hawaii.

The hula auana corresponds to the modern style of the hula. It is usually taught in a classical hula school, but incorporates new music and new choreography. Influenced by the contemporary era, but based on ancestral knowledge, this style of hula is accompanied by modern instruments such as ukulele, guitar, Hawaiian guitar, bass or piano.

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Where to attend hula shows?

You can attend hula dances on all the islands, at various festivals and events as well as in hotels and resorts. If you want to see the best hula dancers, do not miss the Merrie Monarch Festival which takes place in the spring in Hilo, Hawaii. Dedicated to King David Kalakaua, known as Merrie Monarch, this week-long festival hosts the world’s largest hula competition, as well as art exhibitions, craft fairs, demonstrations, shows and a parade. This festival is a great success, so it is best to go ahead to reserve your tickets.

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