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Mark Twain, when he arrives in the archipelago in 1866, the spirit still clouded by the dreams of earthly Eden that have haunted the West for a century, writes from Hawaii that it is “the most beautiful fleet of islands never anchored to the surface of the oceans “; difficult to give him wrong.

Volcanoes, born from the depths of the ocean, have shaped the islands one by one, still projecting their incandescent magma in fountains or glowing flows. Replica of the appearance of life on earth.

As erosion has begun, Hawaii’s ancient cones have exploded into deep, often inaccessible valleys lined with lush vegetation and streaked with plumes of rainbow-infused waterfalls. The surf, tirelessly reduces lava and powdered rocks, beaches of white sand, black or gold on which lean coconut trees and lay turtles.

In the meantime, the waves are forming, creating perfect, sometimes colossal rolls, surfer fantasies. Hawaii? A paradise, certainly.

All Inclusive Hawaii Vacation Packages – Why go to Hawaii?

We go to Hawaii because this place is intriguing. The archipelago was formerly called the Sandwich Islands. Names that still resonate Captain Cook’s epics, cannibals, the discovery of the new world.

It is the most isolated inhabited home of the globe. Imagine: California is more than 3900 km away. On the other side, it’s even worse: Japan’s shores are 6200 km apart and China’s 7900 km! This American state is unique. It consists of eight inhabited islands and one hundred and sixteen islets and totally virgin atolls spread over 2450 km. Hawaii thus becomes the longest chain of islands in the world, and at the same time, the largest state in the United States of America. It has its own time zone. There is no change of time during the year. In summer, when it is midday in France, it is midnight in Honolulu! Big Island is the island of records, with its most active volcano in the world, its highest mountain in the world: the Mauna Kea rises to 4205 m above sea level, but its base rests on its 9390 meters of background. A giant in comparison with Everest. Its summit also hosts a huge telescope … the biggest in the world!

All Inclusive Hawaii Vacation Packages – Hawaii Review

Beyond these exceptional features, Hawaii is the destination that leaves no one indifferent. Whether in Honolulu, for lovers of luxury, parties, hyper-hectic city, surf, or on Big Island, for nature lovers, hiking, beaches, you will be served! A day spent in Waikiki is like living twenty-four hours in the heart of a video game. By contrast, you can find yourself the next day, in the middle of the night on the slopes of a volcano, to walk along a molten lava flow. Imagine swimming in the middle of a school of dolphins, letting yourself be touched by manta rays …! We do not tell you more for now, but know that every day will offer you discoveries you never thought!

Another plus point that is important, Hawaii is a safe place! There is very little insecurity, despite the large number of tourists. A few petty crimes, as everywhere else, but not enough to spoil his trip to the point of becoming paranoid. Just follow the rules of caution and common sense as anywhere else in the world.

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