All Inclusive Hawaii Vacation Packages – Detailed Review

All Inclusive Hawaii Vacation Packages – Detailed Review

Events and festivals

Hawaii Annual Events and Festivals

The festive islands of Aloha

Dive into the heart of the Hawaiian community and discover a vibrant culture of cowboys, Chinese dragons, ethnic festivals, culinary events and many exotic celebrations. Throughout the year, you’ll also enjoy parades, street parties, craft and food fairs, concerts, and family activities celebrating the many facets of Hawaii’s rich culture.

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Annual events

Many of Hawaii’s most memorable holidays come back every year. We come from all over the world to attend or participate in events such as the Honolulu Marathon (in December) and the Hawaii International Film Festival (in October). Others, such as Oahu’s Prince Lot Hula Competition (in July), the Eo E Emalani I Alakai Festival (in October) on Kauai or the King Kamehameha Celebration (celebrated in June across the state), are mainly local festivals. These events are the perfect opportunity to experience authentic Hawaii during your stay.

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Gastronomic festivals

Events that showcase local products attract both locals and tourists. The Hawaii Food and Wine Festival on Maui, Oahu and the Island of Hawaii (in October) and the Kapalua Wine & Food Festival (in June) on Maui are recurring culinary appointments that attract great chefs, producers of wine and master sommeliers, to the delight of lovers of wine and gastronomy. Hawaii’s annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival (November) celebrates coffee in all its forms and hosts nearly 50 events over 10 days. The Kauai Chocolate & Coffee Festival (in October) celebrates Kauai’s chocolate and roasts.

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Hawaii Arts and Culture: The Expression of Aloha

Hawaii expresses its cultural diversity in many ways, including through its language, music, art, theater, dances, films, cuisine and numerous festivals. Each of these facets is based on the aloha spirit. It is found in the graceful bow formed by the arms of a hula dancer or in the pleasant rhythm of a Hawaiian guitar. The spirit aloha corresponds to the inner harmony of the heart and the spirit. It allows everyone to reach his true nature. Everyone must experience and express positive feelings towards his neighbor. In the recollection and the presence of the life force.

History of hula in Hawaii

In ancient times, when writing did not exist, the hula and its songs played an important role in the preservation and transmission of the history, genealogy, mythology and culture of Hawaii. Every movement … a gesture, a step, a swaying … told a story. The hula was a means for indigenous peoples to commune with their land and their gods.

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